Friday, August 26, 2005

My News

I interrupt my habitual neglect of my long-dormant blog to make two announcements.

First, as anyone who reads biblioblogs probably knows already, Mark Goodacre, who has been my doctoral supervisor here in Birmingham for the last year, is leaving to take a post at Duke University. I am pleased to announce that I will be going too. While the folks in Birmingham have been very good to me and I will miss them a lot, I am also looking forward to returning to the US where you can get good barbecue. Or just barbecue at all. And I’m especially looking forward to going to Duke, which has a top-notch religion department, a very impressive library, and, of course, the famous Duke Blue Devils basketball team.

Second, before leaving for Duke I will be presenting a paper at the British New Testament Conference in Liverpool on 3 September. The title is “You Who Would Destroy the Temple: Dramatic Irony and the Setting of Mark’s Gospel”. The thesis is that Mark’s Gospel employs dramatic irony and that that fact can be used to help determine its setting.

Maybe I’ll have that critique of Gary Goldberg’s theory on the relationship between the Testimonium and Luke’s Emmaus story done sometime soon.


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